Fries_Having Visions Again_CVR front.jpg

Having Visions Again

Deborah Fries
Price: $9

Publication:  April 21, 2021 [100 copies]
21 pages, hand-stitched
ISBN 978-1-949333-77-0

Seven Kitchens Press

Keystone Chapbook Series selection 2021 selected by Steve Bellin-Oka & Ron Mohring 

Various Modes of Departure

Deborah Fries
56 pages, 6 x 9" paper
Price: $16.95

ISBN 1-888553-18-9

Kore Press, Tucson

First Book Award Winner 2004

Deborah Fries’s debut collection, Various Modes of Departure, is mostly about women and the many good-byes they say – to a marriage, a long-lived in home and beloved locale, an elderly father, a threatened landscape. Fries’s lines are mother lodes of sensory images that incorporate regional descriptions, pop cultural images, brand names, references to singing stars, and expert knowledge of earth science and botany. Encyclopedic and smart, Fries’s poems both teach and delight.

The Bright Field of Everything 

Deborah Fries

 6 x 9", 64 pages, perfect bound

Price: $16.95
ISBN 978-1-888553-49-9

Kore Press, Tucson

The Bright Field of Everything overflows with almost unbearably vivid poems that open us up anew to the world we live in. Behold cancer, sex, roadkill, or Philadelphia life. Every rift is packed with the telling of life beloved and ironic, full of ecstatic skepticism. The field of everything is here, very bright, with bite and savor. —John Timpane